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Welcome to
An evolution of open world gaming
Project C is a persistent open-world multiplayer online game where players join clans and build societies on an abandoned planet brimming with wildlife, fascinating technology and adventure. Developed by an international all-star team from Ubisoft, Valve, Rockstar Games, Guerilla Games and 2K, Project C is being made to change how people perceive open world online games.

Want to Play ?

Darewise Entertainment is looking for gamers who are passionate about open world, massively multiplayer game experiences that involve collaboration at a player-to-player and player-to-developer level. We are looking for gamers and communities of gamers who want to be a part of this journey.


Explore an open world

Gather resources in interactive environment simulations that run multiple ecosystems teeming with life, responding to life around it while uncovering advanced technology left behind.

Participate and aspire with us

Help build Project C from the ground up as a member of our early stage community, then go in-game and be a clan leader who helps build new societies on the vast, lush and rich planet of Corvus.

Earn your keep

Accept contracts from other players to score in-game clout and currency or craft and trade valuable materials, weapons, tools, vehicles and more in a largely player-driven economy.

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How do I start playing?

We’re currently looking for passionate gamers who are already active members of online game communities to share feedback. If that’s you, send us your email and we’ll give you instructions on how you could join Project C!

Do I have to go through an onboarding process?

Yes, we want to develop a personal relationship with players who are invested in creating a different kind of online game. Therefore, we ask every player who wants to participate in our early playtesting to apply and those accepted will then participate in a video chat to onboard into Project C.

Will that always be the case?

We plan to continue to have an advanced onboarding process throughout this testing period.

Is there any cost to play Project C?

We haven’t implemented any pricing or paid systems at this time but will look to test these systems at a later date. We’ll share details and will be listening to playtesters about how these features feel and improve Project C.

When will Project C get its real name?

Soon. For now we want to better understand how our game mechanics feel and work first.